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New Harvest 2018

Experience the newest harvest of cell cultured products at the world's first conference dedicated to cellular agriculture.

JULY 20th – 21st, 2018

  • MIT Media Lab

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts

Explore the opportunities, challenges, and realities of cellular agriculture at New Harvest's third annual conference.

What is cellular agriculture?

Cellular agriculture is the production of agricultural products like food (meat, milk, eggs); materials (leather, silk, bone); and more from cell cultures rather than whole plants or animals. Learn more.

What can I expect?

Join us for two full days of programming highlighting the latest developments in this exciting new field. Compelling talks and interactive exhibitions will present cellular agriculture’s applications ato food, materials, and more in an accessible and interdisciplinary manner. Learn more.

Who is New Harvest?

New Harvest is the non-profit research institute that is funding open science in cellular agriculture at universities around the world. Learn more.

Interested in participating at New Harvest 2018?

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New Harvest is a non-profit research organization that has been pioneering the field of cellular agriculture since 2004.

Speakers & Exhibitors

Coming soon!


MIT Media Lab

75 Amherst St., Cambridge
MA 02139, USA



July 20th & 21st
9AM - 6PM